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Industry leader in creating and deploying data capture solutions.

Companies of all sizes across a wide variety of industries trust us to deliver powerful data capture solutions that enable businesses to attain their full potential.

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UK based data capture solutions provider since 2001.
Our mission is to simplify and automate complex business processes and empower people through meaningful data collection and data reporting software.

What we do

Create ecosystems centred around RFID solutions.
From barcode printing software and hardware, to designing and integrating databases with your existing ERPs, to creating mobile (handheld) and desktop applications, we tailor our solution to help achieve your specific business goals.

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Global brands and emerging local market leaders.
We answer the need for RFID technology (barcodes, labels, tags) with robust and scalable solutions that promote and accelerate growth at any scale.

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What we do

In short, if it needs a barcode, we build the technology that streamlines your labelling process. From 1D to 2D barcodes, we create, deliver, implement and support the solution that's right for your environment.


Industry-leading AutoID equipment, including barcode/RFID scanners and barcode scanners designed to support today's evolving logistics needs.
We offer an extensive line of mobile and stationary barcode/RFID printing and scanning products to fit your environment, from high volume manufacturing plants to small package shipping.
Mobile devices (handhelds/tablets)
Barcode Printers
Consumables (labels, RFID tags)


We provide database design and implementation. Our solutions are high performance, scalable, secure, hosted on or off-site.
Our specialist team offers expertise in all database development stages, ensuring your database design solutions are fit for purpose long-term.
MS SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, IBM Db2, Oracle
Uni/bi-directional integration with your existing databases
Hosted on or off-site

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps (iOS, Windows or Android) to integrate with your existing ERP or PoS systems to give you a convenient, fast and intuitive way to operate your business.
Our applications enable real-time data entry from barcode and RFID scanners output to mobile barcode printers, with a full suite of business analytics and reporting tools.
iOS, Android, Windows
Bespoke layout according to your preference
Historical data of all actions performed by users

Desktop Apps

Our user frontends include a full suite of business analytics and reporting tools combined with a powerful data manipulation interface.
You can orchestrate all aspects of the solution in real-time. Configure users, devices and printers, processes and procedures, export data, and more.
Windows or Web Browser App
Bespoke layout according to your preference
Custom reports and data analytics

All of your data, at your fingertips.

HHT Apps is our range of web front-end applications for data manipulation, reporting and analytics. This suite can be integrated with a data capture solution and is optimised for scenarios where a web browser interface is preferred.
Standalone application
Zero impact on your existing network infrastructure (hosted remotely in London, UK), our bespoke HHT Apps helps manage your warehouse and inventory by using a mobile or desktop application. The right software will optimize operations, streamline your business processes, and decrease expenses.
Cloud based solution
Whether you're managing your inventory remotely or on the floor, our customized inventory management software will help your business grow by serving meaningful data to the right people at the right time.
Learn more about HHT Apps
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Our solutions

From scope discovery to implementation and support, our in-house developers bring to life each solution to flow seamlessly into your business and solve the current challenges.

Printing & Labelling

Easily automate the label printing process and integrate it with other systems or create a centralised printing environment.
State of the art BarTender Label Printing Solutions
ERP Integration
Automated label printing solution
Print Barcode/RFID labels from a database, spreadsheets or data entry forms
Integrate with new or existing hardware
Discuss your requirements

Asset Management

Paired with a real-time data capture solution, keep a tab of all critical business assets through an intuitive dashboard.
Track critial business assets using labels or RFID tags
Management and Reporting Dashboards (Desktop/Mobile)
ERP Integration
Automated label printing solution
Integrate with new or existing hardware
Discuss your requirements

Manufacturing & Production

Track and trace a Partcode's journey from different stages of Production, Assembly, Quality Control to Shipping and Delivery.
Track and Trace products by Serial Number
Follow a complete product journey
Standardised processes which guide operators
Automated procedures to streamline business operations
Insightful reporting and bulk data exporting
Discuss your requirements

Stock Control

Track every stock transaction in a database, and use a desktop or mobile frontend to easily produce reports or manage your warehouse data.
Manage goods-in and goods-out
Multi-site warehouse support
Dashboards for Stock Management and Analytics (Web/Offline)
Integrate with new or existing hardware
Use the latest barcode/RFID scanning
Discuss your requirements

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